GTK+ Creator

Hello fellas, 😉
I’ve been working on this project for months. Hhmm.., may be 2 months. Finally, it is in its final phase of development. This is GTK+ Creator. It is an IDE for creating GTK+ and C applications. Features are:
1. Syntax Highlighting and Line Numbers makes it easy to read code.
2. Auto Indentation, Code Folding, Code Completion and Variable Scope makes it easy to write code and detect errors.
3. Full support for GTK+ 2.
4. A full fledged and easy to use Designer, with full support for libglade and glade files.
5. Designer supporting more than 35 Widgets.
6. Linux Terminal for running compiled programs.
7. Bunch of options for GNU C Compiler, which makes compilation easy.
8. Create projects, containing multiple files.
9. Open multiple files with tabs.

Currently, it supports GTK+ 2 but shortly I will add support for GTK+ 3.
It has been written in C++ and C with more than 22000 lines of source code. Follow the instructions in Read Me to compile the project.
View its source code on git-hub:
git repository:

Try it and mail bugs to





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