Easy Python IDE, gIDLE

Hello again,
Ever wondered, why IDLE is so slow. Hsve you ever wished you could get a fast Python IDE but with simplicity of IDLE. Well, you are at the right place. I have written a Python IDE called gIDLE. This IDE has all the advanced feature yet easy-to-use. It is written in C and Python using GTK+ 2 and Python API, so it is very fast. Features:
1. Syntax Highlighting, Line Numbers, Auto Indent
2. Code Completion
3. Variable Scoping
4. An Interactive Python Shell
5. A Linux Terminal
and many other. It is available at the following git-hub url. https://github.com/abhijangda/gIDLE

More than 7000 lines of code has been written for it. Try it, although it is a bit buggy now. 😉 Mail bugs to abhijangda@hotmail.com


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