AthenaIDE, C/C++ IDE

Hello, have you ever thought that programming in C/C++ could be so much easy even for beginners. Now no need to use any complex IDE for C/C++ or to use command line for compiling C/C++ programs. I present AthenaIDE, an Integrated Development Environment for C/C++. It is easy to use yet a feature rich environment for beginners and for experienced programmers. Features:

1. Syntax Highlighting, Auto Indent, Line Numbers

2. Code Completion

3. Code Folding

4. Variable Scope

5. A Debugger interfacing with GDB using GDB/MI, to debug C/C++ programs.

6. A Linux Terminal and

many other features.

You can browse the source code on

With more than 9000 lines of code written in Python and PyQt4, this IDE promises to be a good one. Currently it will run in Linux (3.0+) only. Try it please and mail bugs to


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