Google Summer of Code 2013 started….

Hey everyone,
I got selected in Google Summer of Code 2013 under Python Software Foundation. I will be working on Kivy Designer under Kivy as sub-org. My proposal can be viewed here . For the past 13 days (from May 28 to June 10), I think I have made a considerable progress. That’s what I have done till now,
1. I understood workflow of Kivy Development.
2. With the help of my mentor, I created ActionBar widget like Android’s ActionBar. The pull request has been created and I will do the required changes if neccessary.

A few days before (I guess on 7th June), my mentor gave me a thumbs up to start working on the Kivy Designer. I will be working on the current code base of Kivy Designer ( Till now, I have changed following things:
1. Changed the UI to add Menus using ActionBar.
2. Added KV Lang Area.
3. Changed implementation of Toolbox to be an Accordion Widget.
4. In PropertyViewer, a NumericalProperty will accept only numbers or decimal or None.

More post will come on a weekly basis about my progress.

Thank You


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