GSoC 2013 Progress Report 10 June – 17 June


I am here with the progress report of my last week 10 June – 17 June.

I have successfully implemented the Edit and View Menus. All the features of Edit including Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete for Widgets has been implemented and tested. Now any portion of the Designer can be hidden by View menu. This gave user the power to display whatever he wants and will help him if he is working on a small screen.

Also, I created Tree Data Structure, this will help in storing all the required information of any Widget currently in the Designer. Traversing the Tree will also help in saving. Although, all the attributes of Tree aren’t created yet, but it will be created as required in the process.

In the previous code of Kivy Designer, Widget Tree was refreshed only after the next frame of Kivy Designer. WidgetTree’s refresh was called using Clock.schedule_once. This leads to a delay in the update of WidgetTree. So, I decided to call refresh, just after operation has done, i.e. when adding or deleting a widget.

Now, Google has started the Coding period. I am now working on opening the kv file. It is a big one and will require atleast 1.5 week.

Thank You


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