GSoC 2013 Progress Report 23 June – 30 June

Last week has been a tough one. But I did implement all the required, critical and most difficult features of Kivy Designer. After implementing them, I am pretty confident that I will be able to complete Kivy Designer and make it robust and fast. Here’s what I have done:

“Open”: As I said earlier that this feature will take some time and yes it did. But in the end I implemented it completely. Now Kivy Designer supports opening projects. Just click “File->Open” and select the file you want to open. Kivy Designer will on its own traverse files in that directory to find all the custom widgets created by user and also, the root widget.

“New”: Clicking on “File->New” will create a new project. A template has been used to display new project. User can easily edit that template to do his changes.

“KVLangArea: This displays the current kv lang text of the above root widget. Whenever, any property of root widget’s child is set or any child is added then KVLangArea will automatically update its text. Not only this user if want can also update using KVLangArea, as user types text then root widget is reloaded and created.

“Save” and “Save As”: This was a difficult one. But I enjoyed finding a solution for it. First I thought of traversing the whole tree from Root Widget to its child then its child and writing their properties. But that wasn’t a good way, as I cannot get comments and canvas. So, I rather used KVLangArea and just replace root widget’s text from its file with that of KVLangArea. Save done!!

This week I will focus on two remaining features that is Auto Save and Detecting Run Time changes of project. I hope will complete them within this week.

Thank You 🙂


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