GSoc 2013 Progress Report 1 June – 7 June

This week, I have been mainly doing improvements and testing in Kivy Designer. I implemented a few new features including Auto Save and Detecting changes in Project at runtime.

Auto Save: Project is automatically saved after every 5 mins interval. It is saved to a “.designer/auto_save” directory in current project’s directory. If due to any malfunction Kivy Designer crashed or is not closed properly, or in other words user lost his changes, then he can get these changes by loading to “.designer/auto_save” directory. This is a very handy feature.

Detecting changes in project at runtime: Kivy Designer will automatically detect if changes have been done in the project outside Kivy Designer. It will load a prompt asking if user wants to reload the project. This has been implemented with the help of watchdog.

Add File: This dialog can be used to add a file to any directory in the project. Kivy Designer will remember the last directory where the file with the same extension was saved, if “Always select this directory” is checked. This is a very handy feature.

Improvements have been done in KVLangArea. Now KVLangArea will show all the custom class’s kv rules as opposed to only Root Widget’s kv rule. Now user can change any class’s kv rules. When project is saved then these rules will be saved to the files in which they were originally.

In the coming week, I will focus on Python Editing features in Kivy Designer and may be an Error Console to show errors in the project. Till now I can say that Kivy Designer is turning into a big and great project.


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