GSoC 2013 Progress Report 14 June – 21 June

In the last week, I’ve added 3 major features to Kivy Designer and a few bug fixes also.

Kivy Console: Now, Kivy Designer also contains a Kivy Console (thanks to my mentor who provided me with some old code). Kivy Console can be used to run anything. It currently takes data from stdout of the program, and due to this programs like vi, python doesn’t display the output. But that isn’t a big problem right now. It is working for the things I want to do. May be someday later it will be converted to using pyte but not now.

Run Application: With this the current Kivy App could be executed by the designer. User can use it to test the App. It is implemented with the help of Kivy Console.

Error Console: As user could have done some mistakes in the code and that is why Sandbox was used. But still till now there wasn’t any good way of displaying those errors. Error Console does that. Whenever an exception is raised, full details of that error including traceback and exception will be added in Error Console. This will help user detecting errors at runtime.

With these 3 features, I also added some bug fixes.

Thank You


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