GSoC 2013 Progress Report 22 June – 28 June

In the last week, I did some major changes in Kivy Designer.

Placeholder: When user try to add Widget to a Layout, then Placeholder will be added to show user how widget will look at that place. This will certainly help users before placing that Widget.

Drag and Drop of Widgets: Now, Kivy Designer also supports Drag and Drop of Widgets from one layout to any other layout. These can be FloatLayout or BoxLayout or ScatterLayout or anything else. KV will be automatically updated after drag-drop operations. Moreover, Undo Manager also supports drag-drop operations.

Project Settings: There is Project Settings feature which enable user to change Project Name, arguments and environment variables to be passed before running the Project.

After Actionbar has been integerated into Kivy’s master branch, Kivy Designer is also made compatible with master branch. I also did some bug fixes.
Finally, there are Mid-Term Evaluations. Till now I think I have done so much and good work. Fingers Crossed 😛
Kivy Designer is finally getting shape and now I think it can be used by users to start designing their Kivy Apps. Although, it is still somewhat buggy.
In the next week, I will be implementing Kivy Options and some changes in the Kivy Designer’s UI.
Thank You.


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