GSoC 2013 Progress Report 5 August – 12 August

In the past week I implemented some major changes which still has to be implemented.
New Project Templates: Now Kivy Designer contains many new project templates. New templates are
1. BoxLayout with Label
2. FloatLayout with Button
3. Screen Manager with 2 Screens
4. Carousel with ActionBar containing 3 slides
5. Screen Manager with ActionBar with 3 Screens

User can easily choose from any of these templates. Templates are very useful and many other IDEs use them.

2. There is a new EventViewer to view, add events and change their event handlers. It is very easy to add event, just enter the new event name and press enter new code will be added automatically and then just save to make changes.

3. There are some widgets like Carousel, Screen Manager which manipulate their children property and have their own way of storing widgets. So they have to be explicitly supported by making individual cases. This week I supported Carousel and in the next week I will support Screen Manager.

4. Till now Playground supports only drag n drop and adding widgets. Now Widget Tree also supports drag and drop. Drop widget on Widget Tree and voila Widget is added to the desired node. In next week I will support dragging in Widget Tree.

Thank You 🙂


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