GSoC 2013 Progress Report 26 August – 1 September

September has started this gave me nearly half a month to complete the project. Last  week I did some changes to Kivy Designer.

Two New Templates have been added to Kivy Designer. One includes a Tabbed Panel another one includes a TextView inside ScrollView.

I also changed the screen shots of these templates, so that they are not blurred.

MenuItems have been left aligned instead of being in middle. This makes them more consistent with current look and feel of MenuItems.

A Tooltip like thing has been added for EventTextInput. When user clicks on the EventTextInput then Tooltip will come and after 2 seconds it will fade out.

A DropDown will be shown on EventTextInput which will show current functions of the Widget corresponding to the entered it. For Example, if user types “root.” then all the functions of root widget will be shown. Click on any of them will inster that function name to EventTextInput.

Errors have been classified into passive and active. Active errors are those which will make Error Console as current tab. These errors are those which originate from Opening/Saving a Project or Adding a Widget. Passive are those which doesn’t make the Error Console as current tab. These are all the errors excluding Active Errors.

Moreover, I improved Sandbox so that now if a child of widget grabs a touch then its on_touch_up/move method is called within sandbox.

With half a month left, I hope I will complete my project. Fingers Crossed 🙂


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