Google Summer of Code 2014: Coding Period starts!!

Comes, 19th May 2014 and GSoC 2014’s Community Bonding Period ends and Coding Period starts. I did most of my Community Bonding Period things before the GSoC 2014 Student Announcement Deadline and hence, started of with the development of my Project in between the Community Bonding Period. Till now, I have done a significant amount of programming and added many features. This has given me good start ahead of the deadlines. Here’s what I have done till now:

Designed and created MusicBrainz Dialog GUI. It has folllowing features for now:

  • BreadCrumb Widget with GtkTreeView is used to show the results. User can easily navigate between Artist->Albums->Tracks. BreadCrumb Widget will show and keep the track of everything.
  • GtkTreeView will show information for Artist, Album, Tracks.
  • Double Clicking on the row of Artist will fetch all its Albums and display them in the GtkTreeView. With this BreadCumb Widget will also be updated.
  • User can select and unselect all the rows with just a click on “Select All” or “Unselect All” button.

Manual Search: Manual Search now has following features:

  • Search any entity by name in Artist and Album.
  • Every search is Asynchronous. Communication with MusicBrainz Server is done in a separate thread. This makes the GUI responsive.
  • Status Bar messages are shown.

Two remaining things for Manual Search are: Stop Search Operation at any time and Searching Tracks.

In the coming week, I will try to implement the remaining Manual Search Operations.


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