Google Summer of Code 2014 Progress Report 19th May to 25th May

Hello all,

This week, I implemented the remaining things in Dialog and Manual Search.

Status Bar Messages: Manual Search will show more verbose Status Bar messages. When user start the search, StatusBar will show messages like “Found 10 Album(s)”, “Retrieving AlbumName (1/10)” and many other. This will help user in understanding what is helping.

Toolbar Buttons: Buttons including Select All, UnSelect All, Invert Selection has been implemented.

Red Lines: When a user double clicks on a row, then its children will be downloaded. Now that row will be displayed in Red Color, as it has already been downloaded. User can select whether to display these red lines or not.

Search In Results: User can now search in results. Typing the text in GtkEntry will display the search results in the EtMbEntityView.

More Information about Tracks and Albums: More information about Albums and Tracks are downloaded, this include their artists, albums, length of track etc.

Cancelling Manual Search Operation: Manual Search operations could also be cancelled now. This has been implemented using GCancellable.

Bug Fixes: Many bug fixes has been done.

The coming week I will concentrate on more bug fixes and memory leaks.


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