Google Summer of Code 2014 Progress Report 8 June – 15 June

Hello all,

I know I am a bit late in posting this progress report, but you know “better late than never”. Last week, I worked on DiscID Search and completed it. Now, a user can insert a Compact Disc and run DiscID search. Through this, a DiscID of Compact Disc will be generated and it will be searched through MusicBrainz data base. Then the received information will contain the Albums and Tracks inside the Compact Disc. This is a very interesting feature specifically for those who use Discs for storing and listening Music.

I also did some coding style fixes and make all the strings Language Translatable.

I also worked upon generating Unit Tests for MusicBrainz. I am almost complete with these tests but I will take some time to make them much better.



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