GSoC 2014 “MusicBrainz Support for EasyTAG”: 30 May – 6 May 2014

Hello all,

This week I implemented “Apply TAGs” feature corresponding to “Scan Selected Files”. “Apply TAGs” uses DLM Algorithm to find the best matching Track to which the Tags will be applied. Here I will show a work flow of using MusicBrainz Dialog.

MusicBrainz Dialog

This is the MusicBrainz Dialog. Cool isn’t it? And it is going to become more cool, if you would like to search. Let us type “Waking Up” in the Search ComboBox and click on the Search button.

These are the results which I get:
Waking Up Results

To all who don’t know, Waking Up is the Album by One Republic. Did you see the ToggleButton with “Albums”, that is the BreadCrumb Widget. It will help you navigate in the search results.

Now lets double click over one of the Waking Up rows, to get all the Tracks.

Waking Up

The above image shows an intermediate state when the information about Tracks is being downloaded. See the “Stop” button is in “Enabled/Sensitive” state now. You can press the “Stop” button to stop the search. The final results are here:

Waking Up Tracks

You can see the Track Title and information associated with it. There are many other options available to help you see the information. You can see those options in the ToolBar below.

Here I showed you can example of Manual Search. Similarly you can do “DiscID” or “Scan Selected Files” search.

For “DiscID Search”, insert the compact disc and press this button. Then MusicBrainz will take care of everything.

For “Scan Selected Files” search, select a bunch of files in the EasyTAG’s BrowserList and press the button. From there you can select any album and press “Apply Tag Changes” to apply the tags to the selected files.

Next week I will implement Automatic Search.

Thank You


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