GSoC 2014 “MusicBrainz support for EasyTAG” Progress Report: 7 July to 13 July

This week I completed Automatic Search. They way automatic search works is very similar to the way it worked previously. This is how it work:

  • Select a number of files related to one album in BrowserList.
  • Open MusicBrainz Dialog and click on Automatic Search.
  • Now, FreeDB ID will be calculated and it will be searched using MusicBrainz Web Service.
  • Results will be dispplayed.
  • Double click on any result to search it over MusicBrainz Database.

The way now FreeDB ID is calculated is exactly same as with CDDB.

Here is an example,

I have selected some files related to album and clicked on the Automatic Search. This is what I getautomatic0

Now double click on the Result.


“Rubbish” has been searched over MusicBrainz. You can now double click on any album and view its Tracks.

This week I will implement Apply TAGs for Automatic Search.


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