GSoC 2014 “MusicBrainz Support to EasyTAG” Progress Report : 14 July – 27 July

Hello All,

I wasn’t able to post blog last Sunday because of my tight schedule. In the past two weeks I have done the following things:

  • Completed Apply TAGs for Automatic Search. After Automatic Search, user can select the Tracks and then click on Apply TAGs. If user wants MusicBrainz to use Levenshtein Algorithm for finding the best possible Tag for the File, he can select the check box. Below is the screenshot:



  • My mentor David King did a review of the code and I did all the changes.
  • I also wrote a test case for FreeDBID Search.

All the features which I talked about in my proposal has been added. So, this means the time is for some heavy testing. In the coming week I will be doing testing of each and every feature of MusicBrainz Dialog. Lets hope I do find some bugs. 😉

Thank You


GSoC 2014 Progress Report 16 June – 22 June 2014

Hey all,

Past 1.5 months have been great. Go to learn a lot. And I have completed all of the things required to pass the Mid Term Evaluation. Even, I have completed one feature “Scan Selected Files” which is scheduled to be completed in next coding period. Following features have been implemented:

  1. Music Brainz Dialog
  2. Bread Crumb Widget
  3. Manual Search
  4. Search Selected Files
  5. DiscID Search
  6. Test Cases to test MusicBrainz functions

Now I will start working on Automatic Search feature.

Thank You